Get To $10,000 Per Month In The Next 90 Days In Your Handmade Business.

Are you desperately trying to grow your revenue inside of your woodworking or handmade business and you're not sure what to do next? You're Not Alone.

Here's The Truth: The struggle is real!

But - I bring good news.

You have found THE online program you need to scale your handmade business and fuel the life you dream of.

Watch the video and read below to learn more about how The Handmade Hero Academy Online Program can catapult your business, your sales, and ultimately your life.


(Maybe You Can Relate...)

They Don't Have A Proven Product That Lots Of People Want. 

How do you find a product that 1) a lot of people want, 2) you can make profitably, and 3) you can sell a lot of WITHOUT investing thousands of dollars and months of time trying to discover it?

They Can't Charge Premium Prices.

Have you ever made something you thought was incredible only to then find it almost impossible to sell and once you did sell it, you had to give a steep discount? After all, you're trying to make a profit!

They Need To Get In Front Of More Buyers.

Maybe you know you have a great product, but nobody knows about you or your incredible product - therefore, you continually struggle to get sales. - only relying on friends and family or word of mouth.


(These Things Changed My Business & My Life Forever...)

Identify A Scalable Product. 

This means that if more people knew about this product automatically you would generate more sales. You could profitably & efficiently make it whether you make 1, 10, or 100 a week with just adding systems to your business.

Build A Strong Brand.

What's the difference between walmart shoes & nikes? Not a lot honestly - it takes the same amount of material to make the shoes. But people want nikes and are willing to pay 6-10x more because of the brand they have created. You can do the same thing.

Create A System That Brings New Buyers Through Your Door, Every Single Day.

What if you had a way to direct new potential buyers to your business, website, or social media pages every single day - resulting in more conversations, quotes, or sales on a daily basis? 

Here Is Exactly What You're Going To Learn Inside The Handmade Hero Academy:

Module 1 - MINDSET The Mindset You Must Adopt In Order To Stop Sabotaging Your Success & Build The Business You Love

Module 2 - THE PRODUCT My Unique Strategy To Find A Winning Product That You Can Scale WITHOUT Sinking Tons Of Time & Money Into Product Testing Only To Find Out You Can't Sell It

Module 3 - CREATING YOUR BRAND The Practical Tools To Creating A Brand That Ultimately Allows You To Charge Premium Prices, Stand Out From Your Competition, & Sell Only To The Best Clients In Your Market

Module 4 - SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY The Organic Social Media Strategy You Need To Simplify Your Efforts & Stay Top Of Mind For Your Followers

Module 5 - LEGAL & FINANCIAL The Basics Around Setting Up Your Business For Success From A Legal & Financial Standpoint

Module 6 - BUILDING YOUR WEBSITE A Step-By-Step Guide To Building Your Beautiful & User Friendly Website Through Shopify 

Module 7 - SALES & MARKETING In Our Opinion, The Most Important Module Inside The Program - Where Zach Teaches You How To Scale Your Business Once You Have Everything Else Established


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What You're Going To Get:

  • Lifetime Access To The "Handmade Hero Academy" Online Course ($997 Value)
  • Website Building, Ad Formula, & Business Template Cheatsheets That Zach Uses Inside Of His Business ($199 Value)
  • Zach's Profit Margin Excel Sheet To Make Sure You're Making Money As You Grow! ($97 Value)
  • Access To The Private Handmade Hero Academy Facebook Group With Other Handmade & Woodworking Business Owners Just Like You.($297 Value)
  • Social Media Automation Gameplan To Simplify Your Social Media Planning ($297 Value)
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About Zach

Zach is the host of the "Handmade Business Secrets" Podcast and is a pastor, speaker, author, husband, father, and an entrepreneur.

Zach quit his safe salary job and launched his woodworking business in his garage in 2017. Unfortunately, 90 days later - he was broke and had officially failed miserably.

Zach realized the problem wasn't his woodworking skills.

The problem was his business skills. 

Even though he had to go back and get another job, he kept Iron By Iron Woodworks alive and kept learning about business principles such as branding, pricing strategies, digital advertising, and product development - which eventually led to where we are today.

As of today, Iron By Iron Woodworks now employs 7 people and generates over $70,000 per month in revenue.

He's made it one of his life missions to help handmade and woodworking entrepreneurs scale and grow their businesses in a way that empowers their life, frees up their time, and provides for their family.