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After years of failure and figuring it out the hard way, Zach wrote this book with the goal to help over 10,000 handmade & craft entrepreneurs take the guesswork out of starting and/or growing your own handmade business FAST

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In this book, Zach reveals the 8 secrets that he realized were the CORE things that allowed him to grow his business. It's simple & straight to the point.

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In this book, Zach shows you exactly what you need to focus on in order to be successful in this business. 

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After years of trial & error, we know what works. This book saves you countless hours of testing. Just copy-paste-deploy.

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Right now, You don't have a business... but you have a dream. Launch your business on the right foot without having to make all the mistakes I made! Let me be your personal guide to starting and scaling your handmade or craft business FAST.

So you've started... CONGRATS! You've made it past 99% of most people. But now, lets optimize your business to work for you instead of you becoming a slave to the business. This book will give you the tools to make that happen.

It's been a while since you were "the new kid on the block" and you've got yourself a successful business. But what if you could maximize your profits with just a few quick tweaks that didn't take any more time... in fact, it freed you up to spend more time doing other things you really love? This book will do that for you.


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