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The 5 things great salespeople always do

Uncategorized Apr 09, 2019

The Foundation of Sales: 

Many of our members here are offering products or services to the public and have said that getting sales is the most difficult part of business. And YES, 100% I would agree.

Here are some principles about sales that are ABSOLUTELY critical when in business. If you ignore any of these principles, you are failing your customer and yourself. Here they are:

1. - Care FIRST about the customer, not the money. Money is a By-Product of Value. When you offer something valuable, you get paid. It's not the other way around. Too many people in business, network marketing, etc.... force things. And whoever you're talking to knows that the only reason you're trying to sell it to them is to make money, whether it would actually benefit them or not. If your product or service would change their life, go for it. If you're just trying to make a buck, people can smell it from a mile away.

2. - Care about the customer. Yes, I needed to say it again. Focus first on giving value. You want to create a company that people feel excited to do business with because they get so much value from their interactions with you.

3. - Sales is a numbers game. It always has been and always will be. If I want to sell 100 somethings, I need to present that product to several thousand people. This is super important when setting goals. Don't just set a goal to make $10,000 - you're focusing on the byproduct which you don't have control of. Focus on what you do have control of. For example:

Ultimately, I want to make $10,000 selling tables (This is what I sell.) I know from experience that the average order someone places with me is for $1,400. So it's going to take 7.14 orders to hit my goal ($10,000 goal / $1,400 per order = 7.14 orders)

I know that roughly 2% of everyone that visits my website this month will purchase, so based on those numbers I need to drive atleast 400 people to the website.

For you it may mean to get 20 new signups you need to talk to 200 people.

If you're going to sell 15 t-shirts, you need to show them to 150 people.

Only you can figure out the math, but don't forget this is what it comes down to.

BECAUSE, at the end of the day I can control talking to more people, showing more people my product or service, and promoting it more. I can't just go pluck the money of the tree, but I can put my product or service in front of the right person.

4. - Don't sell the product, sell the outcome.

Too many people get caught up trying to convince someone to use a product or purchase a service and as they are focusing on their sales pitch, they are just talking about the product.

PEOPLE DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU OR YOUR PRODUCT. They care about themselves.

If you will instead focus on how this product or service is going to make them better, their lives easier, their families healthier, that is what matters to them.

Quit selling the product, sell the outcome that the product will create.

5. - Identify objections and help people through them.

For example, I have a dining table set that i've been trying to sell. We have a strict no-return policy. I had a lady show interest in it, but then she never responded again or messaged me about it.

I messaged her yesterday asking if she was still interested in it. She said she was, but it was a big purchase and the no-return policy made her nervous because she wasn't 100% sure that it would fit in her dining room.

Instead of saying "tough luck lady," I said this:

"Girl I completely understand, So how about this...

What if you came and took a look at it, and made sure you liked it first.

From there, measured your space and we could work together to figure out if it would fit or not. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work- no hard feelings.

And If for some reason you got it home and it didn’t fit like you thought it would, you can bring it back, no questions asked."

Her response? - Perfect. Let's make it happen.

Sometimes people just need some help processing through their thoughts. Help them do that.

I could list a million other things, but this is a great start. These 5 things are the core, foundational principles that you need to grow your sales in business.

Whatcha think? Which one are you best at? Which one do you struggle with? Leave comments below!


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