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About Zach

Uncategorized Jan 28, 2019

Zach has spent his life in ministry and in business, and lives his life to make a positive impact in both.

As he was graduating from college, he was preparing to spend 6 months in the missions field in Zambia, Africa when his wife walked into the picture. 

They met in a shoe store. 

That's when everything began to change. 

The day before he left for Zambia to begin his 6 months of missions work overseas, he asked Taylor to "officially" be his girlfriend.

Upon his return home, he quickly moved to Longview, Tx and began courting his wife, Taylor, until he proposed shortly thereafter.

Since then, Zach & Taylor have gotten married and had 2 beautiful children, Graham & Heidi Grace.

Zach has spent time in the business world as a sales manager and also as a wholesale department manager for a large and reputable e-commerce company.

In March of 2017 however, he felt led to start his own company, and 2 months later he was at home in his garage every day, building furniture and growing his own Custom Furniture Company.

It was exciting, but terrifying.

He had absolutely NO idea was he was doing.

As the bank account got lower and lower, he began scrambling. "WHAT HAVE I DONE!?!?!" 

There were days he was physically sick from the stress.

He knew how to build the furniture, but wasn't sure how to grow a business. But he was determined not to jump back into the corporate world and push back the calling that he felt so strongly drawn to. 

After thousands of hours of trial and error, he's carved out a path for the success of his business which now employs 3 employees other than himself, and is consistently producing $20K-$40K of revenue each month. 

Zach's life does look a little crazy, as he balances being a student pastor, business owner, and the founder of The Handcrafted Business Bootcamp: An online academy designed to train aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners to launch their own handmade business and scale it quickly (without making all the mistakes he made).

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