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The 4 Steps On The Path To Creating Wealth

This community and my content is mainly focused around creating and scaling your business. Which is of MASSIVE importance in my opinion, or I wouldn't have created this website, my facebook page/group and devoted my time to sharing everything I know on the topic.

However, I think it's very important to know that owning a business to me is not the end, but the means to an end.

"Zach... then... what is the goal?"

Here it is: 1) Make a difference and 2) Create Wealth

I am a completely different person in the way that I think today than I was growing up and even in college in regards to the way I view creating wealth and what it will take in order to do that. 

My family always believed that college was the key that unlocked wealth. I've also always heard how important hard work is and that it was also possibly the key to creating wealth.

But here is the deal: If it was college that created wealth, every college graduate would be loaded (which we know isn't the case) and if...

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